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AIS slip-on pipe clamps are made of malleable iron castings which are free of sharp edges. They have either a hot dipped galvanized or fluorocarbon finish with case hardened set screws

Fluorocarbon is a smoother, cleaner finish that allows the threads in the AIS clamp to be coated. This process is more environmentally friendly and will out last the galvanized finish by more than a 2 to 1 ratio in salt spray testing

AIS slip-on pipe clamps are designed to be used with standard pipe (Aluminum or Steel)

Discover how easy it is to build strong structures such as railings, storage racks, work benches, outdoor shelters, boat docks, lighting grids, store fixtures, playground equipment, awning frames, solar panel frames and countless other applications using AIS clamps

With the AIS clamps there is no welding, threading, drilling or bolting required for assembly. All connections are quick, strong and permanent, yet they can be instantly dismantled. Both pipe and clamps are 100% reusable for other applications again and again

Building contractors, plant operators and equipment manufacturers can save up to 70% on labor costs by using the AIS clamp system. A tape measure, pipe cutter and hex wrench are the basic tools needed for fabrication

AIS clamps provide endless design opportunities for pipe construction, both pipes and clamps can be powder coated in various colors

Alvin Industrial Sales
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